Xperian Recruitment offers a fantastic additional service to its employer customers; Fast Background Employment Checks, delivered at a great price so that you don’t have to worry about your new recruits.

A Choice of Background Employment Checks

We supply a broad range of Background Employment Checks, from Basic Supplier Checks to FCA Checks. They are all fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Basic Supplier Check

Our Basic Supplier Check is made for you if you’re looking for basic evidence that Contract Suppliers have the credentials to work for you. The Basic Supplier Check includes:

  • Company incorporation check
  • VAT registration check
  • Company credit check
  • Insurance Check

Basic Individual Check

When individual security and checking is required to supplement the supplier company checks, we can perform the following basic checks:

  • ID Confirmation
  • Address verification
  • Right to work check

FCA Check

For fuller, FCA compliance, we can perform the following:

  • ID confirmation
  • Electoral Roll check
  • Directorship search
  • Address verification
  • Right to work check
  • Bankruptcy / insolvency check
  • CCJ check
  • Up to date credit score
  • FSA Register check
  • Sanction search
  • Verification of highest education
  • Five years employment history
  • Basic Disclosure

Auditing Checks

All of our checks are entrusted to key staff so that you don’t have to worry about Data Protection.  Our system records every check so that we know who completed each one.  Incomplete checks are automatically highlighted so that we can give customers a complete audit trail for any contractor upon request.

If you would like to know more about our Background Employment Checks, contact us now for a confidential discussion.

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