There are 3 types of Insurance that you will have to consider for any Contract offered through Xperian Recruitment Limited.  They are as follows:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Professional Indemnity

The levels of cover required may vary from contract to contract and those levels are most commonly specified by the Client.  You will commonly be required to submit proof of cover to Xperian at the commencement of any engagement and periodically thereafter.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance covers any damage or accidental injury to a third party or their property caused by you or your employees or your business. It also covers any related costs and expenses such as legal fees, as well as hospital treatment costs (including ambulance charges) that the NHS may claim from you.

Public liability does not cover claims from your employees for damage or injury; you will need to ensure that you have employer’s liability insurance.

Public liability insurance protects you if you deal with members of the public; if they go to your work premises or if you go to theirs (including working from home). If you interact with members of the public, you should think about making sure that you have public liability insurance.

A business that isn’t covered by public liability insurance runs the risk of being in serious financial trouble if was found to be liable to pay for damages or compensation from its own pocket, as some public liability insurance claims can run into the hundreds of thousands.

Many customers will require proof of valid public liability insurance before allowing work to be undertaken, though it is not a compulsory insurance for businesses.

Employer’s Liability

Employers’ liability insurance is protection from claims from your employees or former employees for injury during their time working for you.  This will also cover any illness that they may suffer from as a result of the work they have done for you during their employment.  As an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work.

You should maintain at least the minimum level of employers’ liability insurance to cover against any claims and, we believe, support IR35 compliance by demonstrating the capacity for more employees.

Professional Indemnity

You may need professional indemnity because a client or 3rd party might claim an omission, negligent act or a professional mistake has damaged their business and that you had a duty of professional care towards them and their business interests.  Professional Indemnity Insurance safeguards your business from potentially crippling claims that could cause financial and reputation damage.

If your business activities directly affect another person or their business and:

  • your activities or actions lead to a financial loss on their part, or
  • your activities or actions lead to third party injury and / or damage, then

you are at risk of business injury claims.

Below are some of the danger areas that professional indemnity insurance covers:

  • Loss, damage or theft of client’s data and documents.
  • Dishonesty on the part of you or employees including theft of money.
  • Theft or infringement of someone’s trademarks, copyrights, broadcasting rights or intellectual properties.
  • Negligence or violation of the duty of care.

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